Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: The Personal Testimony of Tony Miano

by Nick Lotter on August 12, 2013

Tony MianoTony Miano is a full time evangelist and expert open-air preacher. Until mid-2012, he served as Director of the Ambassadors’ Alliance for Living Waters. Mr Miano is the author of the book “Take Up The Shield” and also writes for many Christian ministry websites including (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry).

I have been following Mr Tony Miano on Facebook and Twitter for some time now, and have always respected and appreciated his work as an evangelist. Just look him up on YouTube, and see for yourself how committed Mr Miano is to the preaching of the Gospel. Quite famously, Mr Miano was recently arrested in London where he was preaching the Gospel on the streets outside Wimbledon (during this year’s Wimbledon tennis tournament).

Recently, Mr Miano published an article on his blog ( that really resonated with me. It was an edifying and at the same time scary read for me, because as I read it I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between what he had experienced and what I have experienced. Now, I am not trying to draw parallels between Mr Miano and I… not at all. When one looks at all that Mr Miano has already done, it is really quite humbling. Mr Miano’s work makes me see that I have not done enough and can do so much more. He has motivated and inspired me to be more fruitful and to take a firmer stand for the Gospel.

Nevertheless, there are startling parallels between Mr Miano’s personal testimony and what I have experienced in my conversion and growth as a Christian.

Mr Miano tells the story of how he was saved and began attending a charismatic church. He writes of his journey of discovery, having found himself in a church that embraced some of the trendy, charismatic stuff that has become commonplace in churches today.

Over time, the elder and our new friends at church, people we were growing to love as family, explained to us what “charismatic” meant. We were pointed to passages of Scriptures that talked about speaking in tongues, prophecy, words of knowledge, and healing. We were told the Holy Spirit continues to work through God’s people in extraordinary ways by giving them spiritual gifts to serve the church and to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was all a bit overwhelming. Mahria and I were new believers, reading the Bible for the first time, praying together for the first time, living as Christians for the first time.

When I came to Christ during my teen years, I was also mostly surrounded by charismatic Christians (otherwise known as the “happy-clappy” crowd where I come from). Like Mr Miano, I was brought up in a more conservative church. In my case, a Presbyterian church. So initially, the dancing, clapping, loud worship music and various other characteristics of charismatic-style worship was quite foreign to me and it felt really uncomfortable to sing with my hands in the air, to make actions to the lyrics, and to clap and dance in a worship setting. Somehow though, it seemed right to me that we should feel happy and joyful for being Christians, so I embraced all of it and went with the flow.

Mr Miano describes a similar beginning to his Christian walk. For a while, everything was great and joyful. Then, strange things started happening. Some members of his church had been to a Vineyard “revival” conference where some new and strange “moves of the spirit” were being promoted and taught.

By the time worship was over, I felt like I had been transported from a church into a chaotic comedy club.

What follows is Mr Miano’s testimony of his experiences on the inside of a charismatic church that immersed itself in the world of such “moves of the spirit” as “holy laughter”, being slain in the spirit, etc. Preaching at his church came to a stand still in favor of all these strange signs and wonders, and Tony was even disciplined for reading Scripture from the pulpit.

I really want to encourage you to read Mr Miano’s testimony and see where this road leads. You can read the article on his blog at and see for yourself what Tony went through and how he came to see through the deception of what is being taught as moves of the Holy Spirit today. It truly is dangerous to ascribe things to the Holy Spirit that are not from Him… it is dangerous to your soul to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.

Exercise discernment and sound judgement. Don’t be fooled by the latest claims of healings, prophecies, signs, gifts, wonders, glory clouds, gold dust, angel feathers, fire tunnels, etc. Be like the Bereans of Acts 17:11 and compare everything you see to the Scriptures.

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