Nick LotterThis is my personal blog, dedicated to sharing my Christian faith.

I am a Conservative Reformed Protestant Christian. In English, that means I lean more towards the conservative than the charismatic, and I subscribe to the Christian doctrines taught in Scripture and through the centuries in the early church and by the leaders of the Protestant Reformation. I believe the reformed protestant doctrines to be in line with Scripture and Biblical.

I believe the Doctrines of Grace, commonly known as Calvinism.

I believe baptism, though not necessary for Salvation, is an act of obedience to Jesus Christ and is an outward and public confession of faith in Jesus. I encourage all believers, new and old, to be baptized as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28:19. I believe baptism should be by full immersion and only after one has repented and been saved.

I believe the universe was created by God in 6 literal 24 hour days just as Genesis describes the creation, and that the earth is only about 6,500 – 8,000 years old. I believe the theory of evolution is a blatant lie which has been refuted with reliable and verifiable scientific examination. I do not believe that Christians should try to compromise the Word of God to suit popular secular belief, and that any attempts to try and combine Divine Creation with Evolution is both wrong and unbiblical.

I believe it is the calling of every born again Christian to be involved with missions and evangelism – either by going, or by helping to send.

For more information on what I believe, you can read my Statement of Faith.